Mohawk: Discovering the Valley of the Crystals
by M. Paul Keesler

The Mohawk Valley of New York is one of the most historic, important and unique regions in our nation. Whether your interest lies in its history, its outdoor recreation, touring, sightseeing, or any or all of these, you'll find it in Mohawk: Discovering the Valley of the Crystals, the most expansive and comprehensive book ever written on this historic and unique American geographic icon.

Following years of personal exploration, research and interviews, M. Paul Keesler amassed and processed it all into this amazing book. It both entertains and enlightens the reader, whisking us on a fascinating journey - from the era of glaciers and prehistoric times, to Native Americans, to the arrival of explorers, settlers and trading, to the modern era. Agifted writer, Paul verbally paints highly enjoyable and enlightening verbal images of the evolution and past and present importance of the "Valley of the Crystals"... one that is difficult to put down once we start "discovering."

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