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By Bob McNittę

In recent years, blinds and decoys have become increasingly popular. The use of a ground blind allows the hunter better cover and the ability to make modest movements without worrying about a closing gobbler spotting him. Decoys can help put a gobbler at ease and help entice reluctant toms to approach closer.

Even though many of today's blinds are very lightweight, portable, and set up quickly, their best use is in areas where toms like to frequent, such as green fields and strutting areas. Used in conjunction to decoys, blinds can be very effective for hunters who prefer to stay in a prime gobbler area all morning long.

There are a couple of items that should go along with hunting from a blind. One is a lightweight folding stool to sit on. It should be high enough to allow the hunter to readily look out of the blind windows and also high enough so when the shotgun is shouldered, the hunter will be able to quickly get on target of any nearby tom that might appear. A popular popup camo blind with turkey hunters is the Ameristep Outhouse which is very lightweight, sets up and takes down quickly, and is roomy enough for a lone hunter. For those who require a larger blind capable of hosting two hunters, there's the Ameristep Doghouse.

A newly introduced and highly innovative blind is available from  Kleins Designs, LLC. It's the Ducks & Bucks Cart Blind, a highly unique and versatile unit that doubles as a pop-up blind, game and gear cart, and even an icefishing shanty.In other words, it's a four-season year-round piece of equipment with multiple uses to fit the season and current outdoor activty.

Another neat little piece of gear I found very useful is an adjustable shooting stick, where I can rest my shotgun on while waiting the sometimes long minutes for an approaching game to wander into range.  Hunter's Specialties offers one that's perfect for this, the HS Strutt Shooters Stik  which is a portable rest that adjusts in seconds from 17 to 36 inches in length, and is perfect for turkey hunting from a blid or for anyone hunting from the ground.

left to right: shooting stick; Outhouse blind; Ducks & Bucks Cart Blind (2 pics)